Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Auction Sellers Sometimes Are The Best Auction Buyers

Most auctioneers, who have been in business for any length of time, realize that what an auctioneer truly does is solve problems. Few people call an auctioneer when everything is rosy. People call an auctioneer because they need something sold in a definite amount of time. They may need money quickly. They may need to clear out a warehouse or manufacturing center due to the sale of the facility. They may be dealing with the estate of a parent or loved one. They may be in a dire financial situation and need to liquidate assets to raise cash. Whatever the reason, most people who call an auctioneer have a problem.

We at Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers Inc. pride ourselves on being superior problem solvers. When a client contacts us we listen to the client’s needs and develop a solution that meets those needs. It seems that Michael Jackson had a problem. His representative contacted a noted Los Angeles auction company to arrange for an auction. They packed and loaded his items. They moved his items to another location and then began the painstaking process of creating a five-volume auction catalog listing everything from his lone glove to the massive gates from Neverland.

We are good at correctly identifying and cataloging items. It is our job, as auctioneers, to represent the goods to be sold in the best light. We repair, clean, detail, polish & paint. Many times we turn the seller’s “sow’s ear” into a “silver purse”. It seems this happened with the Prince of Pop. Now he wants all his stuff back. Check the story out on E Online by clicking here.

This same thing has happened to us in our over 20 years of auction business. Many times the item a seller needs to sell has grown old in his or her eyes. However, just wait until we shine it up and start to market it. The magic that seller once saw in the item returns. We have to caution our sellers to beware of this. It is still the same item they wanted to sell. We are good at presenting it in a new light; a light that attracts attention and buyers. After all, we are problem solvers. Now if I could just find that matching glove.

Onsite Auctions are one of our Specialties!

Onsite Auctions are one of our Specialties!
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