Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bad Economy? Buy & Sell at RMEB Inc. Whitley Auctions

Has anyone heard how bad the economy is? It seems we can hardly pass a display of new, flat screen TV’s in Wal-Mart without hearing some prognosticator spouting off about the doom and gloom. Has the world economy put the brakes on? Heck yes. This slow down in the economy has also opened several doors. With credit and money in general being tighter, many people are looking for good deals when they purchase items. Our live public auctions are a great way to buy and sell in the current economy.

More people are attending our auctions looking for good deals on items and equipment they need. Check out this link to see this is happening in Australia too. This means if you have extra tools or equipment lying around now may be a good time to sell them and turn them into cash. We broadcast our auctions live on the internet. We sell items at auction to buyers from all over the country. If you have items to sell or need to raise some extra cash, give us a call. We offer confidential, no obligation consultations. If you are looking to save some money over buying new, check out our auctions at www.whitleyauction.com. A penny saved, is a penny earned. Shop at Whitley Auctions.

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Onsite Auctions are one of our Specialties!

Onsite Auctions are one of our Specialties!
Auctioneers for RMEB look for another bid at a Colorado Auction.